Light Box, a multidisciplinary performance venue at Linwood and Blaine Streets on Detroit’s West side,  has been stewarded by artists, educators, and cultural producers: 

Stefanie Cohen (she/her) and Corey Gearhart (he/him) and @Peace Makita Taylor. (she/her).  


In 2014, after purchasing the building from The Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church, we  gradually allowed Light Box to transition from its former lives as a bank, turned long-standing place of worship, to an artist-run, community-driven space. 

Over this time, we have dedicated ourselves to providing space and support for Detroit-based, national, and international artists to develop and share their work, and to provide educational opportunities for our community to expand, extend, and champion our creative voices.


Light Box is an artist-run venue in Detroit dedicated to creative experimentation, education and community gathering.  We nurture the transformative power of art to heal our bodies and spirits, amplify our voices, and build a more just world.


Located at Linwood and Blaine in historic LaSalle Gardens, Light Box is honored to contribute to a neighborhood with deep historical and cultural roots. In the coming years we’ll continue to collaborate with local businesses and residents of all ages to create an accessible, sustaining and inspiring community for all.  The space offers residencies, public showings, workshops, and social forums; presenting and hosting "performance" in the broadest sense of the word.


“An old bank turned Baptist church turned artist-run space, the Light Box serves multiple functions. Local artists hold memberships and rehearse performances and incubate concepts, artists in residence live, work, and play in the space, educators teach classes that expand artistic voices and engage in skill-sharing, and the public is able to attend a wide range of performances, discussions, and social forums with the intent of shedding light on artistic processes. Performance at the Light Box is defined by both Corey and Stefanie ‘in the broadest way possible. “


Gaia Klotz, The Metropolitan, January 13, 2017